Session 1
Talk Title Presented By
Single Mode Guiding of a He* Atom Laser Sean Hodgman
High Quantum Efficiency Single Atom Detection Using Optical Cavities Rachel Poldy
Experiments on Spin Squeezing in a Bose-Einstein Condensate Eike Nicklas
Towards a Two Species Quantum Degenerate Bose Gas Daniel Jenkin
Session 2
Talk Title Presented By
Playing with Light in Atoms: Dynamic Electromagnetically Induced Transparency Francesco Bariani
Radio Frequency Association of Heteronuclear Feshbach Molecules Manuel Scherer
Single Atom Spin Dynamics Alexander Thobe
Session 3
Talk Title Presented By
A Dipole Trap for Metastable Helium Marie Bonneau
Bragg Spectroscopy of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas Eva Kuhnle
Towards a Strontium Pyramid MOT Graham Lochead
Session 4
Talk Title Presented By
Optimizing Number Squeezing when splitting Mesoscopic BECs Julian Grond
Session 5
Talk Title Presented By
Bose-Einstein Condensation in a Dimple Trap Michael Garrett
Quantum Dynamics of Spin-1 Bosons in SMA Julian Grond
An Ultracold High-Flux Guided Cr Atom Beam Markus Falkenau
Session 6
Talk Title Presented By
Interferometry with an Atom Laser John Debs
Bright Matter Wave Solitons: Formation, Dynamics and Quantum Reflection Anna Marchant
Bose-Einstein Condensation in Microgravity W. Lewoczko-Adamczyk
Session 7
Talk Title Presented By
Exploring Strongly Correlated Bose Gases by Light Scattering Nicole Fabbri
Session 8
Talk Title Presented By
Dynamically Controlled Torodial and Ring-Shaped Magnetic Traps James Clewett
Detecting and Engineering Spatial Mode Entanglement with Ultracold Bosons John Goold
AC Electric Trapping of Rubidium Atoms A. Kumari Duraisamy
Session 9
Talk Title Presented By
Mixtures of Ultracold Fermionic Atoms in Low Dimensions U. Eismann
Anomalous Size Expansion of Increasingly Attractive Fermionic Atoms in an Optical Lattice Maria Moreno
Session 10
Talk Title Presented By
Dipolar Relaxation in a Chromium Bose Einstein Condensate Benjamin Pasquiou
Environment-dependent Dissipation in Quantum Brownian Motion Janika Paavola
Deeply Bound Molecules in an Optical Lattice Manfred Mark
Session 11
Talk Title Presented By
Dynamics of Dark and Dark-bright Solitons in BEC Soeren Doerscher
Session 12
Talk Title Presented By
Cold Atom Inertial Gravimeter Quentin Bodart
Session 13
Talk Title Presented By
Quantum Control of an Atom Laser Michael Hush
Three-Component Fermi Gases Andre Wenz